Do you like to draw comics?

2017-03-22 19:52:31 by destructin


Then Join SUPER PAINT BRAWL! A battle comic forum. I'm doing another front page news post to advertise the site, you can read more information on the old one HERE.

The gist of it though, is to just make a super powered character and make comics with other people in different themed threads, that's it, bye!



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2017-03-23 01:59:51


destructin responds:

yea theres tits


2017-03-23 05:08:58


destructin responds:

Yeah dude, welcome.


2017-03-23 14:32:59

These things are crazy fun, I did one a while back in the NG forums. People can get a little picky about not wanting their characters to die so it ended up getting removed when the prissy attitudes came out. I might get back into them though.

(Updated ) destructin responds:

I can understand that frustration, no one wants to have whatever ideas they have cut short because another dude wants to be the badass killa' going around killin'.

But when everything is going nice and smooth, it is fun to draw collaborative comics with other people, crazy stuff always happens.

Also you kind of confused me when you deleted the comment on the old newspost lol


2017-03-24 12:18:01

I'd love to get into drawing comics your stuff looks awesome


2017-03-25 17:11:55

how much time do you draw? I have a friend that loves hq and drawing, i thinks hes gonna like this

destructin responds:

How much time do I spend drawing a comic? Depends if I want it to look great or just shit it out, I can do both. It'll take a week or more for it look good or I can start and finish the same day, it just really depends.

Ask him, he very well might like it.


2017-08-04 21:42:00

Why wont you let me love you

destructin responds:

I was hoping you'd PM me when you wanted to collab or something.