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SPB Discord

2017-08-05 18:52:54 by destructin


I made a discord chat server thing to talk about all stuff SPB: SPB DISCORD

SPB is a battle comic forum, you draw comics with other people. I write more info about it HERE.

Do you like to draw comics?

2017-03-22 19:52:31 by destructin


Then Join SUPER PAINT BRAWL! A battle comic forum. I'm doing another front page news post to advertise the site, you can read more information on the old one HERE.

The gist of it though, is to just make a super powered character and make comics with other people in different themed threads, that's it, bye!


Super Paint Brawl

2016-09-12 08:39:22 by destructin



Hello everyone, gonna advertise a comic battle forum called Super Paint Brawl (SPB).

What is SPB?

Super Paint Brawl is an artist forum where you make Original Characters (OCs) called “Brawlers” and have them interact with other people's Brawlers by drawing comics. You can make them fight or build a story centered around these brawlers, depending on the theme of a thread you're posting in. It’s basically like comic based RP'ing. It's fun and productive way to just draw and make comics with other people, either making dynamic fight scenes or developing a story using your and other people's characters.

Who can join?

Anyone can join, though to be honest it’s a very niche thing. It’s a comic RP site, and a lot of people aren’t into RP'ing and most of those who are don’t know how to draw, or just don’t like drawing. But I always found SPB as a good place to learn how to draw and make stories out of comics. It’s fun if you try it out, and you don’t have to be a great artist to join, just try to make your comics coherent and follow whatever theme the thread has. Improvement comes in time and it's better to work with what you got than be worried that other people are better than you.

Did you make this forum?

I made this specific forum, but not the concept. SPB started right here on Newgrounds as a thread on the BBS General called “Super Ms Paint Brawl!” created by Trinidex. It later got locked and deleted by a now ex-mod called BigBadRon, because a lot of users just posted spam.

Bummed out that the thread got nuked, a lot of the thread’s participants moved to a proboards forum, created by Balto-Boy, which he accidentally called “SonofBalto.” This was SPB for years, with users coming and going. I got invited by McJesus about 6 months after the forum was first created and just loved the whole concept of it, and kept it at.

Around early 2014, I grew tired of Proboards’ staff removing and censoring our content, their annoying updates and new interface, and the “SonofBalto” name, so I looked for another free forum host that allows NSFW to be posted, and found hyperboards. I signed up and made the forum with the letters S P B on the URL

[EDIT] I bought a host and domain name: The new site is SPBCOMICS.COM

Why do you shill this?

I just want people to join and participate, the forum isn’t very active, and I'd like that change. The few that do participate don't really want me to advertise the place, but without participation, theres really no fun, even if there are a few bad apples that join.

How do I join?

Just register here


ACTION TURKEY + Commissions

2015-11-26 18:14:31 by destructin


Hello everyone, I made a short animation about a turkey of action, called ACTION TURKEY, check it out here!


Art of the Milf from ACTION TURKEY.

Also, I am currently doing commissions, you can get these binary looking pics for $20 dollars.


Or you can get rendered pics for $35:



PM me on NG or contact me at destructin @ gmail, thank you, Happy thanksgiving

Artist looking for a Programmer

2015-09-28 04:53:46 by destructin

Hello, I am looking for a Flash programmer to make a arena beat-em up game with me. I'm going to do the art side of things like animated sprites and assets. We'll do a 50/50 split and we can talk about the design of the game together.

You can contact me here or PM if you want.


Unfortunately the Pico Day game I was making has been cancelled, or atleast it won't be ready for this year. The scope of it was really ambitious and required alot of animation to be done, and because of my job and personal life stuff going on, I won't be able to make the deadline unless I rush the shit out of it and I don't really want that, so there's next year, and if there isn't a Pico Day next year, then it's cancelled for sure.

I decided to focus on another idea I had, this time a cartoon about two detective brothers solving crimes, it'll be called Nutritional and it's gonna be cool. This project will be easier since it's straight forward story instead of alot of interaction and animations like my Pico Day project was. I'm hoping it could be done by May, but if it isn't, it'll be done in the summer for sure, and if thats not the case, then it'll be finished SOMEDAY I guess, it's a cartoon I can work on my own pace, but I'll be comfortable with it since it's my characters this time and what not, it'll also be episodic so they'll be more parts to the story.

Here are the brothers:


Pico Day Flash for 2015

2015-01-23 05:06:55 by destructin



I'm working on something for Pico Day, it'll be the longest and hardest project I've worked on yet. It'll be a game this time around instead of the usual movie, and I'm spending these months towards Pico Day working on it, so it'll be better than the other shitty pico day flashes I made last year and 2 or 3 years before it. I actually spend 3 days making my first pico day flash in 2011, and 5 days making last year's, this time it'll be about 3 months making it so it'll be waaay better, I hope. I'm making this post to make sure there is pressure for me to do it. I'm stuck on a shitty job on retail so that kills alot of my time to make this, but I have to make sure I deliver. Anyway, see you guys Pico Day, where I'll make another new post saying that I released the damn thing.

I won't reveal too much about it, since I want it to be a surprise in a way, but here is some art for it.



See ya in the next couple of months.

Help Kickstart Johnny Rocketfingers 3!!

2014-10-18 06:13:11 by destructin



Ryan Khatam (vastcool), an amazingly talented animator and a personal hero of mine has started a kickstarter to fund the long awaited Johnny Rocketfingers 3! Ryan has been a major inspiration to me with his gross out and shocking humor backed with extremely fluid animation that is a sight to behold. This is a man who has made history not only on Newgrounds, but also left a mark on Flash animations and Flash games history. Johnny Rocketfingers 1 & 2 are one of the greatest flashes and games to ever grace the internet, and to see the third installment would be the best thing to ever happen ever! Please support the JR3 kickstarter, if everyone who played JR1 & 2 donated one dollar, the kickstarter would completely go over the goal and its stretch goals. The initial goal might seem like a stretch, but it's a number that Ryan calculated for a long time that would get everything done to the bare minimum. If we pull together, all the Johnny fans, and everyone new to the magical world of Johnny Rocketfingers, we can make this happen!


Ryan has recently released his latest game called "Pimpy da Pimp," which is an amazing and extremely hilarious flash game about a dude called Pimpy da Pimp walking down the street where he faces obstacles, and the player has to choose a choice with hilarious consequences. This flash game was released for mobile phones at first for a price of 2 bucks, but now it's released for free to promote the JR3 kickstarter, and I feel that Pimpy da Pimp and the JR3 kickstarter are not getting the recognition it so rightfully deserves, it almost feels like they are being ignored and it's very sad to see such an iconic character get this treatment. If Tom Fulp is reading this, please plug the JR3 kickstarter on one of your newsposts and frontpage Pimpy da Pimp so more NG folks can see it and tell their friends about it, I really beg of you, Johnny Rocketfingers is one of the greatest characters Newgrounds has ever had and helping in anyway you can would be fantastic!


I'm a huge Johnny fan, and I hope this project gets funded to see how Johnny's adventure continues in new and hilarious ways! Thanks for reading, and here's a gift from me to Ryan. Good luck, amigo!


I made a flash for Pico Day, it's the one with the tits on the thumbnail!!

Here is a link for it:






Click here to watch!

Original and Parody fit right?